The Promise of Resurrection

John [3:13]-25

Normally when I read this story of Jesus clearing the Temple with a whip I focus on Jesus clearing out the Temple. It certainly appeals to my American sense of being right. However, let’s look at the promise that Jesus left his followers to contemplate.

The real focus of this story is Jesus’ promise to rebuild
the Temple in 3 days. An impossibility that the Jews realized and were quick to
point out to Jesus. There is no way you can rebuild something in 3 days that
took 46 years to build. But Jesus was never speaking about the physical. He was
speaking of the true Temple; Him.

When it comes to the Kingdom of God, everything physical is
temporary. We are going to be resurrected with a new body on a restored Earth.
This is our hope.

My call is to keep fresh before me that everything that I
can physically see is temporary and that God Himself can make out of nothing what
I cannot even imagine. Too often I stand like the Jews and tell God what can or
cannot happen. I point to the length of time that it has taken to build or
create something and I fail to trust in the person of Jesus Christ to bring
about the Kingdom of God.

Then they believed the
Scripture, and the words Jesus had spoken