Jesus | The Early Years | Lesson 1 Podcast

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Jesus: The Early Years is a 13-session study covering Mark 1–8. Building a friendship with Jesus is like getting to know a future spouse. Only when you hear stories of his/her life and actions in the past can you have a complete understanding of him/her in the present. This study will help you and your group understand Jesus’ ministry, miracles, and teachings in the early years of His life and ministry.

The Christian faith is built on the life, teachings, sacrifice, and resurrection of Jesus. Serendipity House’s Understanding the Savior Series will allow you and your group to do life with Him. You’ll see, comprehend, discuss, maybe even debate the incredible life, times, and teachings of the Son of God Himself. This six-book study will revive any stagnant group and enhance the ministry of a healthy group. It’s impossible to gain greater understanding of Jesus and remain the same. This series is great for groups wanting to grow deeper in their understanding of the Lord and Scriptures. (13 sessions) (copied from
Content is taught by Will and Sabrina Stewart