Clint Bowman will be going to a small country in West Africa, April 23- May 2. He will be traveling with Rev. Randy Jacoby, pastor of FBC Folkston. They are continuing the work which was begun about 4 years ago by a combined effort of FBC Folkston,and Deenwood Baptist and Calvary Baptist of Waycross. They are working with a targeted Islamic people group. (names withheld for security of workers)
There is a small group of believers there now whom they will be working with. A followup visit to this people group will take place in the fall when two members of Deenwood will return there for about a 10 day trip to continue the work of discipling as well as evangelism. One of the young men of the new group of believers reported to Rev. Jacoby via Facebook chat that older Muslim men are coming to him and offering him jobs, money and their own daughters to be his wives if he will return to Islam. Please be in prayer for this group as they make this effort to continue the work there. Also pray for these new believers to be strong and faithful. This country does not allow missionaries to live within its borders to do church planting which makes the volunteer works like this vitally important.