Keeping the Faith

Text: Mark [5:24]-34

Keeping the Faith


Do you ever experience circumstances that make you just want to talk to Jesus face to face or just to touch him? Sometimes I feel if I could just physically see and touch him, whatever my circumstance is at that particular time would just fade away. Maybe we just feel alone and feel that physical time with Jesus would be all we need.

This is exactly how the woman in this passage felt. She had been sick with some sort of disease that caused her continual bleeding for 12 years, and not a single doctor could give her any answers. She had suffered for so long, and since there weren’t any other options left, she felt that if she could just touch the hem of the cloak that Jesus was wearing, she would be healed. So that’s what she set out to do, and Jesus in fact healed her immediately. Her faith is so encouraging!

One day, we will be able to physically spend time with Jesus, and that will be such a wonderful experience. Even though we aren’t able to have that physical contact here on Earth, we have the ability to openly pray to him with our worries and concerns, along with our praises. Often times, even through prayer, I have what I refer to as “God moments” where I experience His spirit so deeply that it feels as if He is sitting right next to me. Just like the woman in the story, we just have to have full faith in Him as our provider, healer, and Heavenly Father. We have to continually cling to the fact that He is forever faithful.

Brandy Mizell