Holes In The Ceiling

Mark 2

My husband and I were discussing a lesson for kid’s church. Mark Chapter 2. The lesson was on the paralytic and his 4 friends. We talked about the friends whose love and faith for their friend made them do a totally desperate act by tearing a roof apart to bring a friend to Jesus. The religious men, whose pride in their religious righteousness missed the miracle, the man on the pallet that was in the middle of the chaos at Jesus’ feet and the Lord’s response to it all.  “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Then we discussed how Jesus spoke to the man and he picked up his mat and walked…walked in front of all the men who would have been satisfied if he had still laid there so their religious pride would be left intact.

(Now please forgive my humanness.) I looked at Mr. Richard (my husband) and said, “You know I thank God and I am in awe of the miracle that you are. I believe, I really do thank God, He could have made you completely and perfectly whole. It seems to me after such an incredible miracle, He would have given you the ability to walk without assistance. I just don’t understand.”

Then quietly, Mr. Richard said, “You know I wonder that too and I struggle with it sometimes, but He is teaching me that it’s not about me. That the evidence of my miracle IS my wheelchair! He raised me from almost death and I have the chair to prove it!” …. My husband and my Lord are both teaching me, that l it’s not having a perfect roof of faith over our heads that is proof of a walk with Christ, but it’s the holes in the ceiling where the good stuff of the Lord comes in! So I thank God for the holes in the ceiling.

Jackie Gillespie