A Restless Spirit

  • Us four and no more.
  • Us four and no more – and shut the door.
  • Anytime you happen to pass my house, I’d sure appreciate it.

Maybe you know a similar saying. We laugh a little self-consciously about this when it comes to church. We know that’s not what we’re called to, but the comfort of knowing OUR folks and OUR routine usually trumps our conviction.

Many time we will gladly embrace those whom appear as if they will easily fit in. They know our routines, our beliefs, and our basic assumptions about life.

Let’s challenge ourselves by looking again at Luke 4. In Luke 4 we hear the story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. Immediately after this temptation he is in his hometown and they attempt to kill him when he proposes that the kingdom of God is not about their gaining political or physical authority. Then Jesus is met by a demon-possessed man whom he casts the demons out of and orders him to hold his tongue.

He is sought out by the people of the area and they beg him to stay with them. To completely rid them of diseased people. To completely eradicate the demonic possessed. To feed them.

Jesus rejects their wishes and states that he has a calling to go to more places and meet more people. May God give us a restless spirit to travel and engage outside of our social circles, our ethnic circles, our cultural circles, and even our religious circles. Let’s meet some folks.

Daniel Harding