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We are having a wonderful Fall in the JAM Ministry!  We had a great Kickoff to the new school year, by starting a new series about CANDY!  Candy can teach us many things about Bible principles and we are just “eating it up”!   We graduated our first JAM Kids out into the Youth Group. We are including the JAM Jr.’s (Preschool) into our Worship Music Time and having a blast! It’s so much fun to watch all the kids worship and learn scriptures at the same time. JAM Choir is beginning and we are preparing for Christmas already.  That was fast!  Finally, we have started a new JAM Crew, with some new members this year.  What a example of what I the Body of Christ should be like. The first thing the JAM Crew members do when they come into the JAM room is check their assignments. They are learning that some assignments all the assignments are important not just the ones that are up in front of the kids.  They are so excited to get on the JAM Crew that the 3rd Graders asking constantly when they can serve.  Wouldn’t that be great if we as adults were excited enough to ask constantly where we could serve!  We are praying that we can plant seeds in their hearts that serving Jesus is an honor and that no job is unimportant to Him. Looking ahead to a fantastic Fall!  Keep our kids in your prayers!
Richard and Jackie

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